Understanding your AD Plant

Balanced biology is at the heart of a successful Anaerobic Digestion (AD) operation and poor feedstock performance means money down the drain. As owners and operators of our own food waste AD plant we closely monitor the performance of our plant to understand the factors driving performance.

Operating our own plant has taught us how important it is to fully understand the feedstock going into your reactor. This means being able to quickly test and monitor materials to ensure the biology remains stable. To help us do this well, we have invested in a dedicated laboratory – providing rapid feedstock analysis to us and our customers.

Our expert laboratory team have many years’ experience in Anaerobic Digestion, applying many of the same principles our parent company, AB Agri has learnt in analysing raw materials for animal feed.

How our services can help

Feedstock testing methods can be slow and costly. At Amur, we understand the importance of reporting back analysis quickly, in an easy-to-understand format. Our full range of AD specific analytical testing uses pioneering technologies and techniques, built on our experience in animal feed testing. Our Bullet BMP test, for example, uses spectral analysis to predict the gas-yield potential in a feedstock, helping you to understand the true value of the material within 72hrs. View Our Bullet BMP Price List

We can help you make better decisions – faster – for your business. Contact us today and start maximising your AD plant profitability.


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