High Sulphur

High Sulphur in your AD Plant can influence the reactor performance and the biogas quality. Maintaining the right levels of sulphur in your biogas is essential to good CHP operation, and extends the life of for activated carbon filters. Our range of Iron products allow you to react flexibly to your incoming feedstock and maintain optimal conditions for your entire AD system.

Iron III Hydroxide-Oxide

A 44% total Iron granulated product. Prevents the release of hydrogen sulphide gas, which is harmful to a CHP engine, by reacting with any hydrogen sulphide in the liquid to produce an insoluble salt which is discharged with the digestate. Supplied in biodegradable 20kg bags, packed onto one tonne pallets.

Iron S

A 30% total iron product. A more highly reactive iron hydroxide product that will reduce the H2S production more quickly than Iron III Hydroxide- Oxide due to a higher proportion of the more reactive oxide-hydroxide part. Supplied in biodegradable 20kg bags, packed onto one tonne pallets.

Ferric Chloride

A 13% total iron Liquid product. Ferric Chloride is highly reactive and will give the quickest results in reducing H2S in biogas. Supplied in IBCs or delivered into site tank storage, Ferric Chloride is highly corrosive and must be handled with care.


Iron Hydroxide Iron Hydroxide ‘S’ Ferric Chloride
Total Iron Content 44% 30% 13%
Reduce the H2S in your biogas
Reduce your activated carbon costs
Fast Acting
Prevents Corrosion
How the product is delivered Powder: 20kg fermentable bags Powder: 20kg fermentable bags Liquid: IBC or Bulk