There’s no such thing as waste

As part of AB Agri, the agricultural division of Associated British Foods, we have over 30 years’ experience in managing co-products and residues from food and drink manufacturers, irrespective of size, throughout the UK. We are now utilising these same skills to help food and drink manufacturers understand the true value of waste.

Waste streams come in many forms, and we at Amur are determined to minimise the environmental impacts of sending wastes to landfill. Instead, by understanding them, our aspiration is that these wastes are used in AD plants to produce green energy thus improving carbon footprints and sustainability criteria. The Amur team understands anaerobic digestion and by utilising our scientific expertise, combined with our ability to obtain fast and accurate biomethane potential analysis, we can understand how waste will perform in an AD Plant. This knowledge enables us to sell and market feedstocks and allows us to capture the true value of waste streams in current market conditions.

We work collaboratively across our business and stay close to changes in legislation, to ensure we find the best route to market for your products. AD is just one option and we are in the best position investigate others. We invest significantly across the group in new product development – giving you peace of mind that we will extract the most value from your waste streams. This enables us to deliver great returns for you and innovative products for our end customers.

We know the most important thing to you is production of your core product can’t stop. We have an excellent track record of total, reliable site clearance and logistics across our existing suppliers. Our AD customers want long-term, consistent feedstock supplies, so you can be sure your product will have a long term home.

Our waste portfolio includes (but not limited to)…

Food Wastes (both ABP & Non ABP)
DAF sludge
Waste Waters
Waste animal/pet feed
Waste Cereals including seed