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Amur is at the forefront of the Anaerobic Digestion marketplace, dedicated to driving innovation and unlocking the potential of the industry. We help customers improve the performance of their facilities, by optimising gas yields and providing consistent, unsurpassed feedstock supply that drives industry standards.

Alternative feedstock supply for crop, agri and waste plants

As part of AB Agri, and our long history of servicing the food and drinks industry, we have a unique capability to procure and supply consistent, quality, feedstocks –in both short and long-term contracts– to suit our customers.

Our feedstocks range includes market- leading brands in dry, liquid and moist form – suitable for crop, agricultural or waste permitted plants.

We also offer a blended food waste product ‘Ch4rger’ which is produced to a specification and subject to rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure contamination levels are reduced and performance is at its best. Ch4rger is a cost effective quality feedstock with no negative impact on digestate.

All of our feedstock products are tested in live environments, including our own 3MWe gas-to-grid AD plant and are supported by robust data to give you confidence of their quality and performance.

So, whatever your feedstock requirements are, be that: becoming less reliant on maize and other crops, reducing your de-packaging costs, securing long term feedstock contracts, growing your AD facility, advice for the future, or simply a review of your product mix to further optimise the performance of your plant, Amur can help.

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Trace Elements and Additives

We have combined our years of nutritional experience and biological performance with MIAVIT to offer a select range of additives, minerals and trace elements, designed to help you get the most from your AD plant.

Whether that’s boosting plant performance, managing consistent gas yields or rescuing the plant from a recipe which hasn’t worked, we have a product which can help.

Our range is scientifically proven and, with the support and expertise of our team, we can help you select the right product for your business, ensuring you get the best returns.

Our range is constantly evolving to offer you the latest, most effective choice of performance enhancing products to tackle the following problems:

Iron III Hydroxide- Oxide

Prevents the release of hydrogen sulphide gas, which is harmful to a CHP engine, by reacting with any hydrogen sulphide in the liquid to produce an insoluble salt which is discharged with the digestate.

MiaAmin Flex

Prevents bacterial inhibition and helps to reduce odours in digestate by binding to ammonium, in turn preventing free ammonia being formed at high pH's.

MiaMethan ProCut

Reduces the viscosity of the digester contents and can also reduce the retention time of your digester by breaking down the structure of fibrous feedstuffs and enabling the bacteria to maximise the biogas potential of, for example, lower quality forages.

MiaMethan SOS

Immediate relief of acidification in biogas plants. With a 100% success rate in plant recovery, it provides all the macronutrients and trace elements needed for your plant to make a full recovery.

MiaMethan Active

AD plants, just like you and I, need macronutrients and trace elements. Over time these become depleted and need replacing for healthy performance. Active offers a complete standard blend of the essentials for your AD plant to maintain good biomethane performance.

Tailormade: MiaMethan Flex

15 years of optimising biogas plant performance has enabled MIAVIT to identify the optimal mixture of macronutrients specifically for your AD plant. Individually blended for your own biogas plant, this product will ensure peak performance of your plant biology.

MiaMethan SOS

Immediate relief of acidification in biogas plants. With a 100% success rate in plant recovery, it provides all the macronutrients and trace elements needed for your plant to make a full recovery.

Tailormade: MiaMethan Kombi E

A unique blend of macronutrients and trace elements, combined with the power of the latest generation of AD Enzymes. This will ensure optimal biology for your plant, improved mixing ability and maximum output of your feedstocks.

We know that we are only as good as our customers' word. What we believe matters to us, what they say matters to you.

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What our customers say

Enabling diversification at Wykey Farm, Shropshire

Four years ago Simon Gittins, an entrepreneurial farmer from Shropshire, built an anaerobic digestion plant on the family farm, Wykey Farm, near Shrewsbury. The 4,000m³ AD plant that Simon invested in was the first of its kind to be built in the world. It’s a Semi-Plug Flow Digester which was designed as a 1MWe facility to be operated initially at 500kWe, ensuring efficient gas production. A second Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit was installed in late 2012 to increase plant output.

As farmers, we are not only asked to provide quality produce but also to be as environmentally aware as possible and farm as sustainably as we can. The AD plant fits very well within our farm system and we take a lot of feedstocks from Amur which go into our buffer tank and are then fed into the AD every hour. We also take advantage of other farm bi-products such as outgrade potatoes. It’s important to us that nothing goes to waste! We are producing significant amounts of renewable heat and electricity 24/7, producing more than 10 million kw of electricity per year which is capable of meeting the energy needs of more than 1,500 homes

This is the equivalent output of between 100 to 130 50 kw wind turbines. Through close liaison with Dean Barclay at Amur, the team always meet our supply needs and provide us with what we want, whenwe want it. There are lots of cheese factories in this region and being able to make good use of the whey and other bi-products provided to us by Amur is vital to our entire operation. The products they supply are consistently good and allow us to integrate more waste from the farm effectively. As we’re now able to put a greater amount of farm bi-products into the digester at the same time, this has enabled us to get our crop usage down by 50 percent. Efficiency is a key consideration to us and Amur have understood this from the outset"

Simon Gittins

Our industry-leading expert technicians will help you identify the best products to enhance your performance and increase gas-yields.

Talk to Christine

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Christine Parry

Technical Development Lead
07912 569 376

With a strong background in Chemistry, Technical Development Lead, Christine has spent over 14 years driving innovation to add value to waste and co-products. As part of the Amur team Christine is focusing on new innovations and maximising the output of the Anaerobic Digestion system.

This is done by understanding the energy value and characteristics of the feedstock and applying the range of performance enhancing products we have available today; plus developing new ones for tomorrow. Christine is also working with AD Operators across the UK to further optimise their processes using tailor-made products for individual AD’s.

Support Services

Regular feedstock testing is critical to assessing the potential gas value of a material. Current methods of feedstock analysis can be inaccurate, slow and costly. Bullet BMP, Amur’s fast and accurate feedstock analysis technology, uses spectral analysis to identify gas-yielding components, delivering results within five working days; helping you make better decisions – faster – for your business.

The Bullet BMP technology is an application method unique to Amur and is available as a one off test, or as a package.

Biological Support

Balanced biology is at the heart of a successful AD operation and, as part of AB Agri, Amur brings a wealth of biological and nutritional experience and knowledge to the AD sector from its long history in developing balanced nutrition in animal feed.

Practical Troubleshooting Support

From building and operating its own gas-to-grid AD plant, Amur has first-hand experience of the complexities involved in optimising revenues and maximising profitability. Every AD plant is different; Amur offers practical support, tailored to your individual AD requirements.

Health Checks

We’re working with NNFCC, the UK’s leading advisor on bio-economy policies, markets and technologies, to offer a health check service to AD plants across the UK.

Designed to help plant operators assess the biological and financial health of their facility, experts from each organisation will visit your site before producing a full analytical report, quantified by anticipated revenue increase.

There has never been a better time to review options and develop plans for the future that are not capital-intensive. As Brexit looms it is important we make the most of what we have whilst limiting risk – as a decision-support tool we believe this service is just what the industry needs.”-Dr Michael Goldsworthy, NNFCC

Talk to Chris Rose or Chris Hoare

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Chris Rose

Technical Sales Specialist
07540 155 151

Chris joined the Amur team as a Technical Sales Specialist, to provide support and improve the performance of anaerobic digestion plants throughout the UK. This is done by providing feedstock and nutritional advice as well as supplying performance enhancing products and services.

Chris has a strong background in anaerobic digestion processes, through research and development and operational experience in both wastewater treatment and agricultural sectors.

With a PhD in anaerobic digestion processes and nutrient recovery in digestate, Chris is well placed to provide nutritional and process optimisation advice to AD operators, as well as environmental permitting regulations, nutrient and digestate management.

Chris Hoare

Chris Hoare

National Sales Manager
07710 310 246

Chris has been working with AD businesses across the UK, supplying units with feedstocks for over 5 years. He has in depth knowledge of AD related regulations, and also has specialist knowledge of handling digestate, a bi-product from the AD process.

With over 30 years’ experience in the agricultural sector, a wealth of knowledge around co-product management and innovation- both technical and practical, whether you’re a supplier looking for a solution for you co-product streams, or an Operator looking to improve the ‘recipe’ of your AD site, Chris can help.

There's no such thing as waste

Co-product & Waste Management

As part of AB Agri, the agricultural division of Associated British Foods, we have over 30 years’ experience in managing non-core product streams from food and drink manufacturers, of all sizes, across a variety of sectors:

Food and Drink
Food &
Distilleries & Breweries
Distilleries & Breweries
Bioethanol Plants
Sugar Processors
Wheat Processors
Potato Processors
Milk Processors

By applying our scientific expertise and robust market knowledge we add value to these non-core streams, developing innovative new products for our end customers and so, creating new growth opportunities for our supplier partners.

Over the past 30 years we have developed a UK wide market for these products through the animal feed sector, and now we are expanding our offering into the Anaerobic Digestion market, through AMUR.

So if you’ve got non-core product streams or food or green waste, talk to us today.

Talk to Dean or Jason

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Dean Barclay

Dean Barclay

Commercial Lead
07966 428 944

Dean has over 20 years’ experience in co-products and feedstocks in both procurement and sales. As well as being a specialist in liquids, Dean has helped develop an industry leading category of feedstocks with proven results, through a strong understanding of their value and performance within Anaerobic Digesters.

Dean has been working in the AD industry since 2009, pioneering a number of key liquid, dry and moist feedstocks specifically into UK AD’s, with tangible results.

Jason Ward

Jason Ward

Head of Procurement
07850 943963

Jason joins the Amur team with more than 14 years of experience of working in the waste industry. A strategic thinker with an understanding of business strategy and tactical delivery, Jason has previously worked with an anaerobic digestion (AD) business to introduce a country-wide food waste collection service into an AD plant.

Jason also brings a wealth of experience in corporate and national sales, and will be a key driver of efficiency for the Amur business; negotiating and managing contracts across the UK.

As Head of Procurement, Jason is well placed to build and expand our relationships with Amur’s suppliers, waste management firms and food waste producers.

Our own AD

We have built and operate our own AD plant in North Yorkshire; the plant has been designed to take 60,000T of blended food and green waste, per annum. It is a gas to grid plant, enabling methane to be injected directly into the gas network for maximum carbon efficiency. If the plant were CHP, however, it would be equivalent to a 3MW facility.

Having our own AD plant means we understand the challenges facing AD Operators around feedstock availability, environmental legislation, sustainability reporting and policy, as just a few examples. This means we are well placed to be able to deliver helpful products and services for our customers. In addition we will use our own plant as a ‘testing’ ground and working example for our customers to visit.

We can help

We'd love to talk to you about your current or planned AD system. Get in touch to find out how we can help you optimise your gas yields and get the best returns from your AD business venture.

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