As part of AB Agri and Associated British Foods, Amur has unrivalled access to a wide variety of co-products, process residues and wastes from food and drink manufacturers across the UK. We have a unique capability to procure and supply consistent, quality, feedstocks – in both short and long-term contracts – to meet our customers’ needs.

Our feedstocks range includes market-leading brands in dry, liquid and moist forms. Our offering is suitable to all AD plants – crop, agriculture or waste. We also mix food and green wastes to required specifications, helping our customers to ensure consistent gas production, dry matter content of the mix and contamination levels.

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All our products are tested in live environments and supported by robust data to give you confidence in feedstock quality and performance. Our in-house performance modelling techniques use data to help our customers assess the potential impact of making changes to their plant’s diet and determine which feedstocks will deliver the best, lowest cost performance.

It’s important to care for your feedstock. With many decades’ experience in managing feedstocks, we can also advise our customers on handling and storage to ensure all our feedstocks achieves their potential.

Our expert team are experienced in finding feedstock solutions to a range of challenges, including:

  • Reducing reliance on maize and other crops
  • Reducing de-packing costs
  • Securing long term feedstock contracts
  • Growing your AD facility
  • Optimise the performance of your plant

Challenge us to find feedstocks to boost the profitability of your site

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