Foaming Issues

Some light foam is almost always present in anaerobic digesters, a result of methane production in the anaerobic process. However all digesters are likely to have a higher volume of foam at some point in their life span. Foam can be generated from numerous challenges in the digester e.g. changes in pH, temperature, organic loading rate and poor mixing. The consequences of excessive foam are well known and potentially pose a significant health and safety and environmental risk, so ensuring you always have a de-foaming agent on site is essential:

Bubble Buster

Amur Bubble Buster is a general purpose foam control agent for use in a wide range of aqueous systems. It is particularly effective in effluent plants which employ anaerobic digestion.

  • Good knockdown of surface foam
  • Effective at low concentrations
  • Persistent action
  • Readily dispersible

Amur Bubble Buster can be fed alongside your feedstocks or sprayed directly over the affected area. For severe or persistent foams it will be more effective and faster reacting if dosed directly on top of foaming.

Supplied in 200 litre drums or 980 litre IBCs.

Other challenges?

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